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The playing field the size of two penalty area (as illustrated).

Phase 1
Two teams on opposite sides of the gate. Practice starts by playing hand ball goalkeeper on the ground in the direction of the first player from the Red team. It is also a signal to sprint for a player from the other team - white, whose task is to prevent the red of the ball and hit the second of the goals. Red after mastering the ball should move as quickly as possible towards the second of the goals that as soon as possible to give a shot on goal. An excessive amount of contact with the ball increases the chances of a white to receive the ball or block the shot. The role of the goalkeeper: as soon as possible out of the gate and cut the angle, take the most advantageous position and attitude to be able to quickly react to the shot or dribbling attempt to rival, to communicate quickly with the defender (white) - "my", "attack", "calm" etc. If the goalkeeper successfully intervenes and finds himself in possession of the ball once the player has to take a white proper position to receive applications from the goalkeeper and after playing goal attack from him, which were beginning to exercise. Red becomes a defender. If White does not take a good position to quickly attack the goalkeeper gives him the ball, "the legs" and this by dribbling must produce the same place and time convenient to fire. Effective provision for offside! The pitch is divided into two parts. Midfield line determines the line of the penalty area. For fast attack white can come out only his own half! Each team attacking and defending the 3 minutes.



štvrtok, 14 november 2013 19:41

Reaction and anticipation

Exercise begins goalkeeper A, which hands plays two balls at the same time (1). Freely choosing, at its discretion directs one of them in the corner of the net and the other on the outskirts - in around 7-8 meters from the goal. The task of the goalkeeper D, which initially is set behind A - is a start in the direction of the ball moves to the foreground, and attempt to give the shot one touch (2). At that time, the goalkeeper, the ball in the direction is given to the foreground quickly runs out of the gate to prevent the shot by D. In the situation shown in the figure is the second goalkeeper C. Play ball grabs fourth corner of the net with goalkeeper exercisers. In this case, the goalkeeper B. Continue exercise starting goalie trying to change the way passes and directions balls. In the course of training goalkeepers change their places.


štvrtok, 14 november 2013 18:56

Physical preparation - Speed, Suppleness

Practitioners lined up as shown. Coach, or one of the bouncers strikes ball upfield while calling the name of one of the three goalkeepers. This responds whose name evoked coach. During the exercise goalkeepers change their places. Changes also the place from which the coach hits the gate and follow the angle of the goalkeepers.


štvrtok, 14 november 2013 18:36

Physical preparation - Endurance

Four goalkeepers (or three and a trainer) arranged as shown. Goalkeeper moves on a cruciform plan. Takes off in the direction of coach (phase A), stops and returns to the center, and from there, running in the right direction marker, then left (phase B) and then again in the direction of a coach who finally strikes in the direction of the goalkeeper (Phase C).


štvrtok, 14 november 2013 17:59

Goalkeeper Training: Improving the leg passes

bccdaajgGoalkeeper Training: Improving the leg passes

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