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Technical preparation - Warm-up, Positioning, Saves

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At a distance of 15 meters a limited two goalkeepers move marks the trot loose ball hitting the ground, alternately right and left hand. At a signal from the coach hit the ball a little strong on the ground and switch places with each other to take to dribble the ball colleague.


The rectangle marks the limited practitioner goalies lined up loosely. One of them with the ball in his hands. Depending on the command or hitting coach tosses the ball firmly planted up a simple conquest. Causes for the name of a colleague who has to grab the ball and repeat. It can also not induce the next player, leaving all three battle for the ball.


Square limited four markers. At the start signal goalkeepers coach trot loose in any direction while remaining throughout the course of motion exercises. In another sign goalkeepers do catch any ball of their choice in the fall. After a while, we continue to play with the box taking one of the balls. After some time, we repeat the action again so that the number of balls is equal to the number of exercisers. In the last phase of the exercise we take the next ball to the square of the number of games remaining balls one less than the number of goalkeepers.


Square limited four markers. At the start signal goalkeepers coach trot loose in any direction while remaining throughout the course of motion exercises. In the first phase of the task players are passing the ball to each other without grip by pushing her open hand between your legs so that went to the partner. This "quenches" the ball on the glove and taking the position of the stride pushes the ball between his legs on to the next, any chosen mate. In the next phase of the passes followed in the air, open hand behind his back.


Three goalkeepers positioned as shown. Goalkeeper holding the ball adds a performing partner "cradle" the ball on the left side. This, in turn, pushes her standing next to the goalkeeper. Since the ball goes back to the goalkeeper, who started practicing and the cycle continues from the beginning. With the participation of four goalkeepers continuing cycle of alternately left and right.


Four goalies set as shown. In order run out 5-6 meters from the gate and catch a ball thrown by a coach. After grip give it back and return at the end of a row. Goalkeepers are constantly in motion, as the trainer uses both balls alternately.


Four goalies set as shown. C and D of the balls in his hands. A and B in the lateral movement of a step change places and catch a ball thrown by the other. Each time you grip the ball back to C and D, A and B swap their positions again.


Goalkeeper A in goal, 2-3 meters before the line. Other barges coming into contact stand at the center of the goal area. Coach hits the ball on the ground straight into the keepers standing at a distance of 12 meters. The task facing goalkeepers parting as soon as possible (each in his own way) so that they were not hit by the ball, and at the same time so long as goalkeeper A limited field of view. A goalkeeper has until the last minute obscured view of the striking coach and still tries to grab the ball. Each ball bounced his goalkeepers B, C and D are to finish off the goal. Goalkeeper A also in this case, trying to defend themselves effectively.


Four goalies set as shown. A pair of goalkeepers (A and B) - each with his ball - the third moves the ball bouncing off her to his balls kept in the hands. During this time, C and D goalkeepers perform a similar function independently setting in motion the ball by raising the ball held in the hands. At the signal the change of roles, the transfer of a ball without contact with the ground.


Four goalies set as shown creates two pair. In each of them one of the goalkeepers stood holding the ball between your feet. It hits the second ball so hard that the rebound headed toward a partner. The second of the goalkeepers practicing reflex response to unexpected trajectory ball..


Setting and square exercise as shown. A goalkeeper in goal in the attitude of goalkeeper prepared to defend the shot. Goalkeeper B in front of him at a distance of 2-3 m distance coach at 11-12 m from the gate gives the shots toward the goal in order to enable effective keeper A trick without falling. Goalkeeper B tries to absorb at this time for a goalkeeper by mortgaging the field of view. After a series of 8-10 shots hitting coach another 6-8 times towards goal, however, to allow for an effective defense. After a restful break, the coach hits the ball 8-10 times more directly in the goalkeeper A firmly on the ground so as to enable it to effectively defend the ball down. Task goalkeeper B still does not change. After these three series goalkeepers change roles. Starting the next phase of play is to change tasks for the goalkeeper, who absorbs attention defending a friend.


The setting and square as shown above. Before the goalkeeper spilled in any configuration 12-16 balls. Important, however, that they were as close to each other. Coach hits the ball or throwing arm leg so that it hit balls lying in the group. The purpose is to bar access goalkeeper into the goal as many pending her balls. Repeat the exercise in different sectors of the gate, increasing and decreasing the distance from the gate toward her hitting coach. Exercise great way to shape behavior reflexes and situational defense.


Four goalies set as shown creates pair. One of them together in a sitting position. Goalkeepers do an exercise known as the 'cradle'. Partner plays the ball sits on the side, and that as soon as it plays back and grabs at his other side. A pair of option exercises performed one ball, pairs trains in the system B two balls at the same time.


Four keepers arranged as illustrated create steam. One of them together in a sitting position. Goalkeepers do exercise varieties commonly called "cradle". In Option C partner plays the ball sits on the sides, three times in one direction, three times in the second - on the basis of first hand "closer" feed, then "continue", then both the practitioner as soon as it plays back. Practice continues on the other side. In Option D to participate in the exercise, turn on the coach. Sitting here goalkeeper catches the ball once again and one after another of his side. It's just that these are the first two passes from partner standing close and the next two from the coach standing behind the keeper, who passes the ball.


Four goalies set as shown creates pairs sitting position. Goalkeepers exchange passes hands - one of them plays up, the other on the ground.


Three goalkeepers positioned as shown (fourth rests). Goalkeeper A lying sideways. Goalkeeper C holds his feet with one hand on the ground and the other holding the ball. Goalkeeper A by turning the body touches the ball with his hands and catches the ball thrown by the goalkeeper standing in front of them B. This sequence of movements practitioner performs several times at a high rate.


Three goalkeepers positioned as shown. Goalkeeper A is on his side and catches the ball thrown by the goalkeeper B, gives it back and then rolls on his back and grabs the one that gives the player C. Again, the goal is to give the ball back to the partner and to roll on his back to continue this exercise in the sequence of movements as before..


Players lined up as shown. Goalkeeper A exercise begins by performing a short pass on the ground to a partner C (1). This, in turn, plays also the substrate back to the A (2), which provide long giving the player the ball B (3). There, he performed with a partner the same combination of passes as the previous pair (4 and 5), and the cycle repeats.





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