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utorok, 01 marec 2016 20:33

Team Spirit

Team Spirit

Warm up with a focus on passes of one touch


utorok, 01 marec 2016 20:24

Training youth in Benfica Lisbon

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dragoszimgPsychodynamics is a term used so far this thinking if we are to developv only in psychology, especially in one of certain characteristics in humans, we the major schools of psychology, which need to make the environment emphasizes the dynamic forces that appropriately influenced him, enabling govern human personality. him to the development of these traits. Theories of Personality called Do you want to create the perfect man - behavioral recognize that man over his create an ideal environment for him. Entire personal and social Do psychodynamics can be "translated" development, as a result of the impact for football? Certainly yes - if you study of positive and negative stimuli , what connects reasoning and learning different forms of behavior movement, and how many calls of this and reaction, and learning is reinforced type occurs in the game of football. In or undermined by a system of penalties psychodynamic exercises we can train and rewards. Learning and experience in a player 's ability to make decisions influence who they become. In short - it and changes as soon as possible, is what a man, how it behaves, we can depending on the number of emerging have an impact from the outside, external stimuli - visual, auditory and through its environment. As a result of tactile.

Sam’s Soccer Academy International Football Festival
Marek Dragosz - Coaching Workshops
17 - 18 June 2012


Sam’s Soccer Academy International Football Festival - Marek Dragosz - Coaching Workshops



bccdaajgSam’s Soccer Academy International Football Festival
Marek Dragosz - Coaching Workshops
17 - 18 June 2012

The team under the guidance of coach Francesco Guidolin was preparing for the championship match with Parma. The turn of November and December is a period of half of the season in Serie A 2010/2011 season. Week, which I present was between 14 and 15 round of the championship in Italy. The work somewhat hampered disastrous weather conditions that prevailed then, however, the Apennine peninsula in the team prevailed excellent mood after defeating Napoli 3-1.


štvrtok, 14 november 2013 20:32

Technique and eye-hand coordination

Goalkeepers lined up as shown. Coach (or fourth goalkeeper D) plays the ball towards the goalkeeper A. This plays a ball, without taking in the direction of any selected partner B or C. The figure shows the situation when A gives to B The task of the goalkeeper D is a shift towards the goalkeeper who received the ball from A and defending his shot (in the case of the diagram is a keeper B). At that time, the keeper A tries to defend given up shot by the other partner (in this case, the keeper C).


At a distance of 15 meters a limited two goalkeepers move marks the trot loose ball hitting the ground, alternately right and left hand. At a signal from the coach hit the ball a little strong on the ground and switch places with each other to take to dribble the ball colleague.


štvrtok, 14 november 2013 19:58

Technical preparation - Strength & Coordination

Practitioners lined up as shown. Goalkeeper B - kneeling with his hands raised extensively in the side. Goalkeeper A set back to the partners C and D performed on hands and skipping around player B (1 and 2). After the second jump is ready (3) to defend the shot partner C (4). A continuation of the exercise performed in the opposite direction, so as to defend the shot goalkeeper D. During the exercise goalies change their places..


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